Secondary raw material provider

Extracthive collects industrial used refractory materials and carbon fibers based by-products and transforms them into products with low environmental impact. The standard packagings for refractory materials are the 1T FIBC or 25kg bag pallets.

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Aluminum oxide based materials

For refractory materials 

Used abrasive blasting

Standart grain size : 0-1mm.

Al2O3         > 95%

SiO2           < 2%

Fire loss     < 2%

Alumino Silicate
For refractory materials

Alumina-based secondary raw material.
Standart grain size : 0-1mm, 1-3, 3-6mm.

Al2O3         40%

SiO2           60%

Fire loss     < 2% 


Chromium oxide

Chromium oxide

More information on request.


Chromium oxide-based materials for production of refractory cements and concretes.


Standart grain size : 0-0,5mm ; 0,5-2mm ; 2-5mm. 


Composition on demand.


Silicon carbide

Silicon Carbide.jpg
Cristallized SiC
For refractory materials

Typical granulometry : 0-4mm ; 0,1-4mm. 

SiC           > 92%

Al2O3       < 1%

C              < 3%

SiO2            < 1%

Secondary SiC
For pig iron production 


 Briquettes of SiC

SiC           > 70%

CaO            5%

Al2O3       < 2%



Carbon Fibers

High quality recycled carbon fibres

We propose different kind of recycled carbon fibers products to suit to our customers' needs.

Typical shapes :

Short recycled carbon fibres

Long recycled carbon fibres

Woven recycled carbon fibres

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