R&D services

Extracthive relies on a strong R&D capacity in order to fuel its own development.

Our skills range from mineralurgy to extractive metallurgy and from organic chemistry to chemical engineering. Our customers can have access to our R&D capacity, from conceptual flowsheeting to pilot scale developpments in order to find dedicated solutions to better deal industrial wastes.

We provide:

  • Bench and pilot scale testing

  • Market analyses

  • Process design and cost estimation

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our field 
of expertise or our R&D service offer please contact
Matthieu Gras


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Extracthive R&D department in few figures

Since 2015

we develop
treatment solution

200 m² 

of laboratories

scientists dedicated to process development 

More than 50
processes designed for our customers

equipped analytical platform

Tailor-made processes 


Our teams identify possible ways of treatment adapted to the volume of waste, its composition and industrial constraints.


Most promising treatments are then tested at laboratory scale to prove their technical and economic feasibility.


If successful, optimization and pilot scale studies are conducted to design an industrial equipment.

We are expert in 


Wastewater Treatment

Organometallic molecules
Highly toxic metals (arsenic, mercury, cadmium…)


Valorisation  of metal

Mining tailings
Manufacturing scrap

Leaching residues and cements
Spent catalysts and electronic devices

Recycling composite materials

Polymers reinforced carbon fibers

Thermoset matrix

Thermoplastic matrix

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