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About Us
Extracthive is a french company dedicated to the circular economy.
Our business is to produce secondary raw materials from industrial waste. We specifically focus on the production of recycled carbon fiber.


We develop processes to create value from waste


in both R&D and production


dedicated to the recycling of waste.


Today’s World is marked by renewed geopolitical instability, the come back of pandemics as well as the consequences of climate change. These issues are real concerns for each and every citizen, but also for companies. And indeed, more and more companies commit themselves to both reduce the exposure of their business to such instabilities and lower the negative impact of their activities (in terms of “imported” CO₂ footprint or resource exhaustion for instance). In the very case of industrial companies, this translates, among others into:

Favouring local supply of raw materials

Paying more attention to the environmental footprint of their inputs

Finding better ways to handle their wastes

At Extracthive, we believe that recycling industrial waste is the solution of choice the reach the above mentioned goals. Indeed, secondary raw materials have a much lower environmental footprint, compared to their primary counter parts, because industrial waste are more concentrated than natural sources. In addition, secondary raw materials can be produced locally, in the vicinity of large industrial centres, in a short cycle approach. Extracthive’s mission is thus, wherever possible, to design, test and implement the suited processes to extract the value contained in these wastes and make it available to industry.

panneaux solaires
High quality and low environmental impact carbon fiber
Our Technology

Innovative Recycling Technology for Carbon Fibers Reinforced Polymers (CFRPs)

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Carbon Fibers Reinforced Polymers (CFRPs) are the solution of choice, whenever a combination of lightweight  and mechanical performance is required. The carbon fibers they contain have both a high value and a high energy footprint. With ever-increasing demand, large scale production of recycled carbon fibers is a strong alternative to meet the needs of our industry and decrease its environmental impact. This is the reason why, Extracthive has been developing, since 2016, an innovative recycling approach for composite materials to produce recycled carbon fibers.

Based on an innovative solvolysis process

Yields clean and undamaged fibers

Patented by Extracthive

This technology is focused on the recycling of high value CFRPs, which are used in very demanding applications such as aeronautics, wind energy and hydrogen storage.

Our technology is based on the use of an unique combination of solvent at moderate temperature to cleave open the polymeric matrix and free the wanted carbon fibres.

fibre courte.png

Nos espaces


PHYre® carbon fibers are produced through an innovative recycling technology developed and patented by Extracthive. This technology  enables us to retain more than 98% of the mechanical properties of the reclaimed fibers. Our carbon fibers are a high-performance products that enhance properties in thermoset and thermoplastic applications.


Another advantage of our carbon fibers lies in their low environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions ten times lower than conventional fibers. Indeed, the initial Life Cycle Assessment shows a CO2 footprint of 4.5 kg CO₂ eq per kg of recycled fiber. Our products are a sustainable solution that can help you achieve your environmental goals


At Extracthive, we have developed a range of products that meet market needs. Indeed, our carbon fibers are compatible with numerous manufacturing processes, from compounding to infusion processes. We have tested them with various thermoplastic and thermoset resins. This makes our carbon fibers the ideal product for your high-end applications.

Our Proucts


High Quality

Recycled Carbon Fiber

Our carbon fiber range is produced from the recycling of pre and post-consumer composite waste. Extracthive gives high priority to the selection and securing of composite waste streams to ensure consistent quality and traceability. This effort makes our carbon fibers the ideal recycled product for your applications and allows us to give a second life to raw materials from composite waste.



PHYre® DRY is long recycled carbon fiber available in various lengths up to 100mm and more on demand. It is ideally suitable for various manufacturing processes such as Non-Woven production, Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC), Bulk Moulding Compound (BMC)..

fibre courte.png


PHYre® CSM is chopped carbon fiber with a specific surface treatment. Available in lengths from 3 mm up to 25 mm, its physical characteristics, such as high bulk density and high matrix adhesion, make it ideally suitable for thermoplastic compounding.

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PHYre® CMF is micro carbon fiber with a length shorter than 100 microns. It is ideally suitable to enhance tensile strength, electrical conductivity, and wear resistance in various application as fiber reinforcement or additive.

More information on request



At Extracthive, we are well aware that our strength lies within our team. None of our projects would be possible without the skills and dedication of our employees, managers, and support functions.

We strive to change the old management model by improving working conditions, promoting collegiality in decision-making, and empowering our employees. We take pride in our team and aim for them to take pride in their work.


Over the past few years, we have learned how to engage scientific, industrial, and financial partners. As a result, we enhance our own skills with those of our partners to better meet the needs of our clients.

Professional clusters and networks

Academic and research partners

Financial Partners

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