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Industry is responsible for producing the goods supporting our modern way of life. Industry is a major contributor to the economic growth of our societies and the well-being of our fellow citizens. But nowadays, society demands more of industry, which is expected to increase the collateral benefits of its activity on both the environment and the communities. Sustainable production is a key factor among the various ways to tackle this challenge.

Extracthive is an SME dedicated to circular economy. Our business is to produce secondary raw materials by recycling industrial waste. Customers incorporating our products into their processes are able to:

  • Access high quality feed stock material at acceptable prices

  • Reduce the energy and CO2 footprint of their production

  • Preserve primary resources

  • Diversify their supply chain by regional sourcing

To reach this goal, Extracthive relies on a skilled and motivated team. We are proud of their work and we want them to be proud of their contribution to a more sustainable future

Several tailor-made processes for industrial waste recycling are currently under development within Extracthive. Until these reach industrial maturity and our products are market rip, Extracthive offers R&D and industrial services.

Extracthive in few figures

Since 2015

we have been developing processes to create value form your waste

allocated to
our R&D and industrial services

30 employees

More than 10 000 tons

of products and waste processed annually

since 2017

3 patent filled

innovation is the core of our company


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Le Journal des entreprises
Le Journal des entreprises

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Techniques de l'ingénieur

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Director of Extracthive


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